Basic Chinese Phrases & Word List
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Mandarin is spoken by about 870 million people as a first language. An additional 180 million or so people speak Mandarin as a second language – putting the total number of speakers is over 1 billion.

Mandarin is known as the 'common language' in China, 'national language' in Taiwan, and as the 'Chinese language' in Singapore and Malaysia.

Here are some basic phrases to get you started in what is quickly becoming the world’s most “common language.”

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Basic Chinese phrases used in daily life:
早(zǎo)上(shang)好(hǎo)!Good morning
晚(wǎn)上(shang)好(hǎo)!Good evening
好(hǎo)久(jiǔ)不(bú)见(jiàn)!Long time to see
谢(xiè)谢(xiè)!Thank you
不(bú)客(kè)气(qì)!You are welcome
没(méi)关(guān)系(xi)!No problem!
请(qǐng)进(jìn) Please come in!
请(qǐng)坐(zuò) Please sit
再(zài)见(jiàn)Good bye

Basic Chinese phrases of self introduction
我(wǒ)叫(jiào)。。。 My name is….
我(wǒ)是(shì)中(zhōng)国(guó)人(rén)。 I am Chinese
我(wǒ)是(shì)经(jīng)理(lǐ)。 I am a manager
认(rèn)识(shi)你(nǐ)我(wǒ)很(hěn)高(gāo)兴(xìng)。Nice to meet you!
认(rèn)识(shi)你(nǐ)我(wǒ)也(yě)很(hěn)高(gāo)兴(xìng)。Nice to meet you too!
美(měi)国(guó) USA
日(rì)本(běn) Japan
英(yīng)国(guó) United Kingdom
法(fǎ)国(guó) France
德(dé)国(guó) Germany
韩(hán)国(guó) South Korea
老(lǎo)板(bǎn) boss
老(lǎo)师(shī) teacher
秘(mì)书(shū) secretary
医(yī)生(shēng) doctor
工(gōng)程(chéng)师(shī) engineer
司(sī)机(jī) driver

Basic Chinese phrases of time and dates
A: 现(xiàn)在(zài)几(jǐ)点(diǎn)? What time is it now?
B: 现(xiàn)在(zài)10点(diǎn)半(bàn)。 It’s half past ten now.
A: 今(jīn)天(tiān)星(xīng)期(qī)几(jǐ)? What day is it today?
B: 今(jīn)天(tiān)星(xīng)期(qī)二(èr)。 Today is Tuesday.
星(xīng)期(qī)日(rì) Sunday
星(xīng)期(qī)一(yī) Monday
星(xīng)期(qī)二(èr) Tuesday
星(xīng)期(qī)四(sì) Thursday
星(xīng)期(qī)五(wǔ) Friday
星(xīng)期(qī)六(liù) Saturday
周(zhōu)末(mò) Weekend

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