Common Chinese Nicknames for Your Loved Ones
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Some of you may have a Chinese girlfriend or boyfriend. How do you usually express your love for your beloved ones by calling him/her sweet names? Actually it's quite conservative in Chinese culture. Some couples may even not show their affections in public. However, with the development of the society, Chinese people born after the 1980's are rebellious generations. They are tired of the old traditions. Below are the commonly used Chinese nicknames for your loved ones.

Chinese nicknames for beloved ones

For Male

For Female

亲爱的 Qīn’ài de –Dear; Darling

宝贝 Bǎobèi – Babe; Babes; Darling; Treasure

亲亲 Qīn qīn – kiss

老相好 Lǎo xiàng hǎo – Old Lover

笨蛋bèn dàn- Fool; stupid


猪头zhū tóu pig head



傻瓜 Shǎguā – Fool; Stupid


甜心 Tiánxīn –Sweetie; Sweetheart


小妖精xiǎo yāo jinɡ - Little goblin


小公举xiǎo ɡōnɡ jǔ - Little princess


猪猪Zhu zhu - small pig

老公lǎo ɡōnɡ(husband)

老婆lǎo po - wife

相公 xiànɡ ɡonɡ-Husband

老婆(大人)lǎo po(dà rén) - wife

先生xiān shenɡ (Mr.)

太太tài tɑi - Mrs.

官人ɡuān rén –husband

夫人fu rén- wife

小猪公 Xiǎo zhū gong – Little Pig Husband

小猪婆 Xiǎo zhū pó – Little Pig Wife

老头子lǎo tóu zi (Old man)

老婆子lǎo po zǐ - Old Woman

宝宝bǎo bɑo- Babe; Honey; Baby

妞妞niū niū - Little girl

小心肝Xiao xin' gang - Little sweet heart

小宝贝xiǎo bǎo bèi - baby

哥哥Ge ge - brother

妹妹Mei mei - Sister

大野猪Da ye zhu - Big wild boar

小蚯蚓Xiao qiu yin - Small earthworm

Personally, I usually call my husband 宝贝 Bǎobèi. What are the nicknames for your loved one? Would you mind to share with us? Are they comfortable with the nickname(s)? Do not hesitate to share in the comment below. :D

Here is a video tutorial to teach you how to say I love you in Chinese.


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