Chinese Sentences and Words for Beginners
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Chinese people like to talk about food. Whether in their daily life or at work is no difference, its always about what's for dinner (or breakfast, lunch or snacks). So learning some words related to this topic is quite useful for beginners. Here are some words and sentences:

In addition to 早上好zǎo shɑnɡ hǎo(good morning), 你好nǐ hǎo(Hello), 你好吗 nǐ hǎo mɑ (How are you?) we also ask 你吃了吗?nǐ chī le mɑ ? (Did you eat?) or 你吃了什么?nǐ chī le shén me (What did you eat?) chī means eat.

You can tell your friend your assessment of the food using 好吃hǎo chī(delicious) or 我喜欢吃 wǒ xǐ huɑn chī(I like to eat it). If you really don't like something you can tell your friend directly 对不起,我不喜欢吃duì bù qǐ ,wǒ bù xǐ huɑn chī (I am sorry but I don't like to eat it).

We also talk about the weather. Some words you might use often are as following

  • 下雨xià yǔ(rain)
  • 晴天qínɡ tiān (sunny)
  • 热rè(hot)
  • 冷lěnɡ(cold)
  • 天气好tiān qì hǎo (the weather is good)
  • 今天天气很好jīn tiān tiān qì hěn hǎo ( Today the weather is very good!)
  • 今天很热jīn tiān hěn rè!(Today is very hot)
  • 哈尔滨冬天很冷hā ěr bīn dōnɡ tiān hěn lěnɡ (Harbin is very cold in winter)

Learn how to make compliment in Chinese can also help you to assimilate into your company or friend group.

Here are some useful Chinese words for making compliment:

  • 漂亮liiào liɑnɡ(beautiful)
  • 帅shuài (handsome)
  • 特别tè bié (sliecial)
  • 衣服yī fu(clothes)
  • 鞋xié(shoes)
  • 包bāo(handbag)
  • 你今天很漂亮nǐ jīn tiān hěn liiào liɑnɡ(Today you are very beautiful)
  • 你的包很特别nǐ de bāo hěn tè bié (Your bag is very sliecial)
  • 你的男朋友很帅nǐ de nán liénɡ you hěn shuài(Your boyfriend is very handsome).

For beginners asking about directions is also very important. Let's see here:

  • 左zuǒ( left)
  • 右yòu (right)
  • 左拐zuǒɡuǎi( turn left)
  • 右拐yòu ɡuǎi( turn right)
  • 一直走 yìzhí zǒu (go straight) ……..
  • 在哪儿zài nǎér(Where is ……)

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