Chinese Vocabulary for Computers and Internet
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Do you use WeChat? Do you know how many Chinese people are currently using Weibo (the Chinese version of Tweeter)? And what about Google, Facebook and Youtube? This article will explain everything you’ll want to know about the Chinese Internet.

1. Computer related

Computer - 电脑 diàn năo

Screen - 屏幕 píng mù

Keyboard - 键盘 jiàn pán

Mouse - 鼠标 shŭ biāo

Speakers - 音响 yīn xiăng

Microphone - 话筒 huà tŏng

Printer - 打印机 dă yìn jī

Fax - 传真 chuán zhēn

USB drive - U盘 U pán

Laptop - 笔记本 bǐ jì běn

Earphone - 耳机 ěr jī

2. Email related

Inbox - 收件箱 shōu jiàn xiāng

An email - 邮件 yóu jiàn

To send an email - 发邮件 fā yóu jiàn

Attachment - 附件 fù jiàn

3. Online activities

Tweet (on Weibo) - 发微博 fā wēi bó

A post (on a blog) - 帖子 tiě zi - fā tiě zi 发帖子 (to send a post)

Comment - 评论 píng lùn

Reply - 回复 huí fù

Register - 注册 zhù cè

Log in/sign in - 登录 dēng lù

Download -下载 xià zăi

Upload - 上传 shàng chuán

4. Famous Chinese Internet sites

Baidu - 百度băi dù (Chinese equivalent of Google and China’s most popular search engine)

Sina - 新浪xīn làng (Chinese equivalent of Yahoo) Sina’s biggest share is now its Weibo business and website, which currently has almost 3 billion users.

Weibo - 微博wēi bó (means “microblog”, and is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter)

Youku - 优酷 yōu kù (Chinese equivalent of Youtube)

QQ - QQ (Chinese instant messaging program)

Taobao - 淘宝 táo băo (Chinese equivalent of eBay). The hottest online shopping website and forum.

5. People you should know

Alibaba founder - 马云 Mă Yún. He is famous for his unusual looks and surprisingly high IQ and EQ. His business made a new record in China, and he is still expanding his company and business all around the world.

Baidu founder (China’s most popular search engine) - 李彦宏 Lĭ Yànhóng.

Tencent CEO - 马化腾 Mǎ Huàténg. Even if you haven’t heard of him, you’ve probably heard of WeChat and QQ, which were all made by his company.

Son of Wang Jianlin (Wanda CEO) and the richest man in China - 王思聪 Wáng Sīcōng

Internet pop star - 网红 wǎng hóng. This phrase’s literal translation “internet red”, gives us a vivid image of this group of people.

Internet friend - 网友 wǎng yǒu

Blogger - 博主 bó zhŭ

Male tech geek who prefers to stay at home - 宅男 zhái nán

Female tech geek who prefers to stay at home - 宅女 zhái nǚ

Administrator - 管理员 guăn lĭ yuán

If there is any computer or internet vocabulary doesn’t mention in the above list, here to ask Hanbridge Mandarin’s teacher for live help!


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