How to Say "I'm Tired" in Chinese
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Chinese is a very interesting language. Even it is the most difficult language in this world. But the great splendor of Chinese language is that it keeps you eternally engaged, searching, exploring. This country is a profound society, and have a 5000-year culture. If you keep study Chinese, you will find a lot of fun and interesting thing in that.

For Chinese language, it is a very magical language. A main word can combine with different words to another new phase. Here let’s see some kind of words in Chinese how to say “tired.”

Tired in Chinese

1. wǒ lèi le 我 累 了

Chinese have a kind of word called “Degree Adverb”.

If you are very tied you can say: wǒ hěn lèi. 我 很 累.

很 hěn means “very”, it is a adverb can be placed in the front of the adjectives to modify the degree of adjectives. If the degree is not very high. Like normal or just a little bit higher than normal, you can use “很 hěn.” For example: 我很好. wǒ hěn hǎo. (I’m good.)

If you want to say “dead tired“ is: wǒ lèi sǐ le.我 累 死 了.

死了 sǐ le : means died. it is placed behind of a adjective to modify the degree of adjective is extremely high. Like “累死了lèi sǐ le”, it’s so tired, just like going to die.

2. lèi chénɡ ɡǒu 累 成 狗 (be dog-tired)

Tired like a dog

As we know, dogs are our humanity's most loyal friend, and the dog get along in our daily life closely. There are a lot of idioms which is given priority to with the word of "dog". The sentence that we are going to learn today is one of them. I wonder if you have noticed that no matter how noisy the environment is. It will not wake up a heavy sleeping dog. Why do dogs sleep so well? Maybe the dog is too tired to fall asleep. This is the dog tired to make this idiom.

Now a lot of people use the word to describe themselves. After worked for a long time, the body feel very tired. Just like a tired dog. Then they will say “我累成狗了wǒlèichénɡɡǒule ”.

3. xīn lèi 心 累 (Heart tired)

Heart tired

A tired in daily life is a subjective perception of stress. There are a lot of time, we feel hopelessness, dispirited and discouraged, and not interested in everything.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo, but can't change, a depressed mood can't vent. Feel bored with life, life without direction and goal, don't know what is to alive.

Without quest and desire, that is the heart "tired"---心累(xīnlèi).

4. lèi jué bú ài 累 觉 不 爱

It is a very popular internet word in recent years. It describe a love tired down the person's psychology, the heart be broken for many times and feel so tired, cannot fall into love again.

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