How to Say Weather in Mandarin Chinese
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Unlike the British are very fond of discussing the weather, Chinese people prefer discussing clothing, food when they meet. But learning Chinese weather vocabulary is needed for two reasons: usually Chinese people won't discuss weather, but there are exceptions, for example, the weather extremely bad. The other reason is, weather is closely related to our daily life, however, in China almost all of the weather reports are displayed in Chinese that you should learn how to read weather in Chinese characters.

Vocabulary about the Weather in Chinese

As long as you mastered the weather Chinese word list below, the weather report could be read without difficulty.

炎热yán rèHot
暖和nuǎn huoWarm
寒冷hán lěngCold
多云duō yúnCloudy
阴天yīn tiānOvercast
冰雹bīng báoHailstone
雨夹雪yǔ jiá xuěRain and snow
雷雨léi yǔThunder storm
霜冻shuāng dòngFrost
冰冻bīng dòngFreeze
露水lù shuǐDew
强风qiáng fēngStrong wind

How to Talk about Weather in Chinese

Some of Chinese people talk about weather just because they want to know the weather, and some of them would initiative reminds those people they care for to pay attention the bad weather. And sometimes they talk about the weather just for avoiding the awkward silences.

今天天气怎么样?(jīn tiān tiān qì zěn me yàng)
How's the weather like today?
今天很冷/热。(jīn tiān hěn lěng / rè)
Today is hot/cold.

今天的温度是多少?( jīn tiān de wēn dù shì duō shǎo)
What's the temperature today?
5度到7度之间,还是很冷。(wǔ dù dào qī dù zhī jiān , hái shì hěn lěng)
From 5 degrees to 7 degrees, it's still very cold.

冬天深圳的天气如何?(dōng tiān shēn zhèn de tiān qì rú hé)
How's the weather in Shenzhen in winter.
大多时候很暖和。(dà duō shí hòu hěn nuǎn huo)
It is warm in most time.

今天天气很好,我们去野餐如何?(jīn tiān tiān qì hěn hǎo , wǒ men qù yě cān rú hé)
The weather is nice today, how about going on a picnic?
好啊! ( hǎo ā)

明天会下雨,出门记得带雨伞。(míng tiān huì xià yǔ ,chū mén jì dé dài yǔ sǎn)
Tomorrow will rain, remember to bring an umbrella when you go out.
好的。多谢提醒。(hǎo de. duō xiè tí xǐng)
Okay. Thanks for reminding me.

There will be no problem to talk weather with Chinese after mastering the weather phrases above!

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Some Chinese sayings describe the weather seemingly yet have a deeper meaning, for example, 雷声大雨点小(The thunderclap is loud however the rain is little ) actually means much cry and little wool. Do you want to learn more such sayings? Contact me to learn it now!

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