How Many Popular Chinese Internet Slang Do You Know?
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There are some interesting Internet Slang every year and extremely more this year. Below we have selected the hottest Chinese Internet Slang in 2015, and still commonly used in 2016. How many do you know? What topics are closely related to your daily life? You are encouraged to read below in case you are old fashioned for this.

If you learn some Internet Slang, you will be quite impressed by your Chinese friends or colleagues.

A few well-placed pieces of slang can instantly make your Chinese much more impressive. Just be sure that you have a strong grasp of standard Chinese as well.

Let's take a look.

1. wǒ de nèixīn jīhū shì bēnɡkuìde
   I almost had a nervous breakdown.


Meaning: Universal sentence can be used in nearly any situations, describing someone suffered all kinds of great strikes. It's a ridicule to tell someone already knew the truth, or someone is interrupted by someone else, then have no idea what to say.

Background: On January 3, 2015, the origin of "duang" can be directly attributed to an interview with a CEO of one technology company, she said" 我的内心几乎是崩溃的". This talk tells the voices of the public's feelings, so it becomes viral on the internet.


duìyú zìjǐ chíchí bùnénɡ jiārù fùchóuzhě liánménɡ, chāojí yīnɡxiónɡ zhīzhūxiá biǎoshì , wǒ de nèixīn jīhū shì bēnɡkuì de.
For Super hero Spiderman, he cannot join the Avengers team yet, he can say her almost had a nervous breakdown.

2. Duang

Chinese Internet Slang duang

Meaning: "duang" is used by netizens to mean "the improvement of something by adding special effects", something that implies the subject in question is fake.

Background: "Duang" is not a real Chinese word. It seems like it could be, though, since it has all the elements of being a Chinese character spelled out in pinyin. But even though it's a made-up, "duang" has taken the Chinese internet by storm, practically overnight.

A Chinese phrase that came out of nowhere, "duang" has taken the Internet by storm, even though many don't really know its origins. In 2004, Jackie Chan made a commercial for a hair shampoo in which he acted as its spokesperson; the video emphasizes Chan's use of "duang" to signify a sound effect used to present something in a positive light. It's similar to the "sproing" sound a cartoon character makes from appearing so suddenly that he is still reverberating in place like a spring.

During Dec. 2015, someone uploaded an edited video connecting the commercial video named 我的洗发水 My shampoo with the music 我的滑板鞋 my skating shoots, then it becomes viral overnight.

Refers to the sound of elastic objects, also describle all kinds of mood.

Duang de yí xià, yǐjīnɡ shì2016 nián de 3 yuèfèn le
Duang, how time flies, it's March in the year of 2016.

tā wèi le lìnɡ yíɡè nǚhái hé wǒ fēnshǒu, duang de yshēnɡ, wǒ de xīn dōu suìle.
He dumped me for another girl. Duang, my heart is broken.

dānɡ wǒ zhīdào wǒ méiyǒu tōnɡɡuò HSK4 kǎoshì,wǒ de nèixīn jīhū shì bēnɡkuì de
When I found that I failed my HSK 4 test. I almost had a nervous breakdown.

3. nénɡ kào chánɡ xiānɡ chī fàn què piān piān yào kào cái huá
   能靠长相吃饭 却偏偏要靠才华
    One could live off one's appearance, but instead lives off one's talent.

明明可以靠长相吃饭 却偏偏要靠才华

Meaning: Someone who is intelligent with good looking, but earned a life just because his/her talents. Other situation is some is not pretty and beautiful enough to get a easy life, but has no work very hard with specialty and talent.  Someone wastes his beautiful face by making a living by his talent.

Background: Chinese netizens found a picture of 贾玲 in young ages. To everyone's surprise, she was such a stunner. 贾玲responded on Weibo with the saying "This is how I deduct the condition "I could make a living on my good physical appearance, but I have my life because of my talent." Then this post becomes viral. Sometimes, adults use this to describe themselves when they do something childish.

Example sentence:

duìbǐ xià lái ánɡ nà duō yǐqián hé xiànzài de zhàopiàn, nǐ jiù huì mínɡbɑi shénme shì "mínɡmínɡ nénɡ kào zhǎnɡxiānɡ chīfàn, què piānpiān yào kào cáihuá"
Compare the younger Leonard and Leonard nowadays, you will understand he could live off his appearance, but instead lives off his talent.

4. bì dōnɡ
   Kabe-Don/ Wall bam

壁咚 Kabe-Don

Meaning: Cornering women against wall.

Background: Kabe-Don, in Japanese Internet speak, with "kabe" meaning "wall" and "don" being the sound of someone hitting a hard object–like a wall. A man corners a girl, placing his arm against the wall so she cannot escape. A kiss, or near-kiss, often follows.

Tips: Make sure the girl is likely into you, otherwise, some issues may happen.


jùshuō dàbùfen nǚrén dōu mènɡxiǎnɡ zhe bèi bìdōnɡ.
It is said most of the women are dreaming of having wall bam.

5. wǒ dān fānɡ miàn xuān bù
   I unilaterally announce

Internet Slang 我单方面宣布

Background: One news title: Football fan unilaterally declare the marriage with messi.

Tip: Love really need courage! Even he/she knows nothing about it. :D

6. wǒ dài zhe nǐ, nǐ dài zhe qián
   I take you and you take your money.

Chinese Internet Slang 我带上你,你带上钱

7. shìjiè nàme dà, wǒ xiǎnɡ qù kànkɑn
   The world is so big and I want to see it. /The world is so big and I owe it a visit.


Background: A letter of resignation went viral online these days for its feeling of romantics, reading that, "The world is so big that I want to have a look".

The letter was written by a teacher who began working in a middle school since 2004 in Henan Province, China.. The photo of the letter spread uickly and widely after the teacher posted it in the "Memont" of Wechat.


shì jiè nà me dà , wǒ xiǎnɡ qù kàn kɑn , suǒ yǐ wǒ cí zhí le
The world is so large and I want to take a look. So I quit my job.

shìjiè nàme dà, wǒ xiǎnɡ qù kànkɑn. qiánbāo nàme xiǎo, nǎ yě qùbù le.
The world is so big and I want to see it, yet my wallet is so small and I can go nowhere.

8. nǐ men chénɡ lǐ rén zhēn huì wán
   Urban people really know how to have fun!

Popular Internet Slang 你们城里人真会玩


nǐ men chénɡ lǐ rén zhēn huì wán , wǒ men dōu jīnɡ dāi le.
Urban people really know how to have fun. We are completely dumbfounded.

9.wǒ men

Internet Slang 我们

10. rán ér bìnɡ méi yǒu shén me luǎn yònɡ
   But it is of no damn use. However, it has no any f$$king use.


然并卵 is abbreviation of 然而并没有什么卵用。

Meaning: Useless. However, it doesn't make any difference

suīrán wǒ shèzhì le měitiān 5ɡè nàozhōng, rán'ér bìnɡ méiyǒu shénme luǎnyònɡ, wǒ shànɡbān yīrán chídào 。
I set 5 alarms every morning, but it does not make any difference. I still get late off work.

11. rì le ɡǒu le

hot Chinese Internet Slang

12. zhǔ yào kàn qì zhì
    Focus on aura


Compared to external beauty, one's aura or temperament is more important.

More Popular Chinese Internet Slang:

xiǎo xiān ròu
Little fresh meat

nǐ xínɡ nǐ shànɡ ā
You can you up.

me me dā
Love you, my darling

wǒ yě shì zuì le
Are you kidding me?

zhònɡ yào de shì qínɡ shuō sān biàn
Important things are to be repeated for 3 times.

ɡuài wǒ ló
My fault? / Am I the one to be blamed? Meaning: I should not be blamed.

chǒu de rén dōu shuìle, shuài de rén hái xǐnɡ zhe
The ugly are asleep, while the handsome are awake.

shuài nǐ má bì qǐlái hāi
F**k off your sleep, rock up and let's have fun!

Armed with this popular Chinese internet slangs, you are now qualified for the conversations with native Chinese.

If you know of any other popular Chinese Internet Slang words that you want to share with us, please post them in the comment section below.

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