How to Pass HSK Writing Section
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When preparing for HSK, I believe all of you feel somewhat frustrated when you see the writing assignment. What and how should I write? If this question ever came cross, you should definitely read this article. Today, I’ll take HSK 5 writing assignment for example.

Part 1: Write a short text of about 80 words by using ALL the given words.

Method 1:

  1. Choose a theme from the given words: The theme of text is not fixed, but obviously, you need to have a theme and make sure your text relates to it. Therefore, it is very important to come up with a theme by the given words.
  2. Make sentences by using the given words: Since you need to use ALL the given words, you can make individual sentence and make sure the sentences are relevant.
  3. Use conjunctions to link the sentences: be careful with the relations between sentences and choose proper conjunctions.
  4. Add adjectives and expressions: by doing this, the text will not only be more natural and smooth but also the total number of words increases.


Part 2: Write a short text from the given pictures

If the picture(s) is about a character:

  1. Write very simple sentence according to the main action(s) of characters.
  2. Add more description from the character(s)’ movement, expression, appearance, psychology, language and so on.
  3. Guess characters’ relationship: for example, guess the identity and relationship according to the appearance, clothing. And infer psychological activity according to the action. This will make your essay more vivid.

If the picture(s) is not about character:

  1. Write a simple sentence according to the picture: for example, if the picture is a sign saying “No parking”, you can just write “禁止停车”.
  2. Ask questions about this sentence, the more the better: for example,

 - 谁立了 这块牌子? (Who made the sign?)

 - 为什么要立这块牌子?(Why made the sign?)

 - 有什么作用?( For what use? )

 - 立这块牌子以前是什么情况?(What situation can be inferred before the sign was made?)

 - 这块牌子立在什么地方?(Where is this place?)

 - 这个地方有什么 特点?(What makes this place special?)

 - 我的观点如何?应该立这块牌子吗?(What is my opinion? Should this sign be made here?)

  1. Answer these questions: don’t forget to use link words to put these answers together.

Video Tutorial about HSK 5 Writing Part I Preparation

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