HSK level 3 Exam Tips and Advices
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The HSK level 3 exam tests whether you reach the intermediate level or not. In particular, you should be able to complete some basic communicative tasks such as describing the weather, seasons, sizes, colors, directions, even your emotions, and so on. You should also know how to express your own opinions in Chinese, explain reasons, and understand logical relationships. You should be able to master making comparisons and explain decisions.

HSK Level 3 Introduction

The HSK level 3 consists of three parts: listening, reading and writing. The whole test contains 80 items, which lasts 90 minutes in total. The maximum score is 300, and pass score is 180.

Here are 3 suggestions for preparing HSK Level 3 Exam.

1. Learn More Words and Trying to Remember Some Characters

The exam outline requires that you should master 600 words, so studying the HSK level 3 word list is a good choice. As for the words, you should not only know their meanings, but also the usage and the grammar structure. What's more, you have to be able to write one character that is missing in the sentence. There are in total five sentences, and pinyin is given for the missing character, so it might not be be that difficult for you.

2. Training Your Listening Skills

Listening comprehension is a big part of learning a language, and it's a big part of the HSK exam. You should speak more Chinese in your daily life and find more material to listen to in order to improve your Chinese. If you can understand 100% or close to it, then change to a more difficult level. If you understand about 60-70%, then listen to the dialogue mp3 a few times and then listen to the whole.

Hanbridge Mandarin offers Chinese listening courses. Our teachers will take each student step-by-step from words, to phrases, to sentences and then, finally, to dialogue.

3. Practicing More

As we all know, the best way of learning a new language is to practice. Good guidance is also very important. To prepare for the test, learners at Hanbridge will be introduced to intermediate-level communication for personal and professional life, as well as travel, and learn up to 600 words. Students will continue to build on their understanding of Chinese grammar and be able to write simple sentences in pinyin with simple vocabulary.

Video Tutorial about Listening Preparation & Practice for HSK Level 3

If you want to get the techniques to beat each level of the HSK test and get guidance about how to prepare for it, sign up for a free trial and talk to our live Chinese teachers now!.

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