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HSK test material

HànYǔ ShuǐPínɡ KǎoShì (HSK) is a test of the non-native Chinese people(including a lot of different candidates, there are foreigners, overseas Chinese and Chinese minority etc.)standardized test of Chinese level. It is a standardization of Chinese language proficiency test, focuses on the candidates’ ability when they are in the life, study and work to use Chinese for communication. With the development of China's economy, more and more foreigner people want to attend the HSK test, even some Chinese companies are hiring foreigners will ask for a level certificate of HSK. As we see this certificate is being more and more important in 21st Century. Now let’s see what you need to prepare before you are going to attend this test.

There are some resources I would like to recommend to you.

1. A good guide book will be very helpful before you decide to take HSK

HSK guide book

Chinese proficiency test syllabus is a book published by Confucius institute headquarters. As we know, HSK test is divided into two parts of the written and oral, written and oral examination were independent of each other. Written examination including HSK (level 1), HSK (level 2), HSK (level 3), HSK (level 4), HSK (5) and HSK (6); Oral examination including HSK (primary), HSK (intermediate) and HSK (advanced). For written examination, there are total 6 books for the 6 different levels. Each of books are introduced the test of different level very detailed. Students can completely according to different requirements of the book to test and determine their own Chinese level.

For example:

HSK level 1: There are including 150 vocabularies, linguistic function(greeting words, introduction, numbers, time, the basic direction sentence, weather, and some simple requirements in Chinese.) All of this detail information about the test will be listed on the book.
In addition, there are also some sample exams in this book. It will show you how the test proceed. The composition, number of test questions and stipulated time of each test.

For example:

HSK level 3: There are 3 parts in level 3 test: listening, reading, writing, total 90mins. Listening: 40 test questions, total 35mins.
Reading: 30 test questions, total 25mins.
Writing: 10 test questions, total 15mins.
And you also got 10mins to write down the answer to the answer sheet and 5mins to write your personal information.

2. A book of past exam paper will be very necessary after you decide to attend the test.


Official Examination Papers of HSK is also published by hanban\Confucius institute headquarters. Each of book will have 5 past exam papers for each of level. Because there are three parts will be in the test. So you can find your own weakness and advantage when you are doing the test. And then strengthen your own weaknesses and do more practices. Try to be more carefully when you are doing your advantage part and don’t lose the marks for this part.

3. Recommended HSK preparation youtube channel

At last, I would like to recommend a useful youtube channel about HSK preparation for you: HSK Preparation Skills. In this channel, you will get the most completed HSK preparation skills from HSK 1 to HSK 6. In each level, you will learn the preparation skills section by section. Here is an example video about how to prepare for HSK 3 reading part 1.

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