Top 5 Reasons You Should Take HSK Exam
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Reasons for taking HSK

The HSK exam is an internationally recognized exam for non-native students of Mandarin Chinese. It tests the 4 components of language and is divided into varying levels of difficulty. Then, why take HSK?

The test is designed to help Chinese education institutions and companies evaluate the language level of non-native speakers. The HSK examines many of the most common words and grammatical structures that one will meet in both every day and professional situations. Thus, preparing for this exam will allow a student to cover a wide range of useful material which will be immediately applicable in various situations.

Reason 1: If you are thinking about expanding to the Chinese market for personal, professional or business reasons, the HSK is definitely something for you. Even the English level of Chinese people is comparatively high in Asia, but Chinese people will be definitely thrilling if their business partner can speak some Chinese.

Reason 2: The HSK is a pre-requisite for those foreigners would like to study in a Chinese university,

Passing the test is necessary if you intend to enroll into a university degree in China. Depending on the major you would want to take, levels between 4-5 are required.

Reason 3: If you’re a professional looking for employment in China. Even though it’s not a famous test among employers, it shows your dedication to learn about and be in China. That would be a bonus.

HSK is an objective measurement of your Chinese level, so instead of saying, ‘Hey I studied Chinese for two years,’ you can instead say, ‘Hey I’ve passed HSK 4’ – which looks much better on your CV.

Reason 4: There is also the fourth reason, which is the one I would choose. I find HSK tests useful, because they give you a specific goal and framework to work with. This is especially important with language studies because having a specific goal in mind – such as passing the HSK test of the desired level – will keep you motivated on the long run.

Reason 5: And another good point: a decent test score might get you a scholarship for studying Chinese in China!

Here is a HSK Test Preparation channel for you:

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