AP Chinese Language and Culture Course

AP Chinese Language and Culture Course

Availability: All high school students who choose AP Chinese exam

Many school systems offer a variety of AP (advanced placement) courses that connect to college coursework, providing high school students college credit and an early start on achieving their college dreams. Hanbridge Mandarin’s AP Chinese Language and Culture Course is designed especially with such students in mind. Our course is also a great way for college students currently taking Mandarin to accelerate their language and cultural learning.

Course Details:

Hanbridge Mandarin’s AP course in Mandarin Chinese emphasizes communication skills in real-life situations. This includes vocabulary and daily language use, strategies for improving communication with native Mandarin speakers, and activities to build cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity, such as understanding general social etiquette and specifics for dinner decorum. Our course corresponds to the four-part whole language learning approach that is standard in college/university Chinese.
  • Listening

    One-on-one oral communication

    Examination and real practice from basic to high level

    Comprehensive topical coverage

    Practice listening anytime, anywhere

  • Reading

    One-on-one professional guidance

    Practical reading skills

    Rich reading materials on Chinese society, societal relationships and culture

    Practice reading anytime, anywhere

  • Writing

    One-on-one customized writing guidance

    Practicing standard sentence structures

    Practical writing skills

    Test analysis

  • Speaking

    Face-to-face conversation practice

    Practice standard Mandarin pronunciation

    Practice communication skills through class discussion

    Research and prepare oral presentations

Starting Your AP Chinese course with Hanbridge Mandarin is as Easy as 1-2-3!

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  • Our Advantages

    Professional native Chinese teachers

    Live, online face-to-face lessons with our accredited language teachers, native Mandarin speakers. Each has earned a bachelor's or master's degree in language and speaks at least one other language such as English, French, Japanese, etc.

    Hanbridge Mandarin virtual classroom utilizes the latest in technology to support better student interaction, learning and performance. Our interactive video and audio, e-whiteboard and shareable desktop technology makes taking classes across the world feel like across the table. The virtual classroom is stable, secure and reliable.

    Learn Chinese anywhere, anytime. Take your class anytime and anywhere that suits you. Classes can be scheduled with just 24 hours’ notice and can be changed or cancelled in as little as 2 hours advance notice.

  • Customized Learning

    We provide a thorough evaluation of your Chinese language level followed up by an overview for study. Then, based on your learning goals, Hanbridge Mandarin custom builds your Mandarin course.

  • Abundant curriculum

    Hanbridge Mandarin covers all areas of Chinese language, and we are equipped to teach you any content you require. We understand that students have their own particular learning styles and we craft individualized courses just for you.

  • Exam Information

    AP exams are administered at designated test centers and consist of two parts, multiple choice and free-response. The exam takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, and the final score is reported on a 5-point scale as follows:

What Chinese Language Learners Say About Us More>>

I am enjoyed my AP Chinese class with Shiny so far, she´s dynamic, funny, and enthusiastic, well nothing to worry about, I have the feeling my Chinese level is becoming better. I am ready for the AP Chinese test now.

America | Kevin Turner

Edith is a very kind teacher and very attentive to my needs. Her English is fluent do her explanations are very clear. I was very satisfied to have her as my AP Chinese teacher.

Canada | Caroline Green