Chinese Characters

Availability: All Chinese learners

Chinese characters, called Hanzi, are the writing symbols used to record Chinese. We will teach characters in two parts: strokes and meaning. With hard work and practice, you will be able to recognize 1200 of the most frequently used characters.

  • Enjoy stories about the origin of each character as well as their development throughout history.
  • Learn and practice the principles of strokes, stroke ordering, formation of characters, and common character radicals.
  • Learn practical characters that are used frequently in your daily life.


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Innovative teaching method

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I learned the origin of Chinese characters and the evolution of Chinese characters at Hanbridge Mandarin. Compared with before, I can now remember Chinese characters really well, because I understand the meaning of Chinese characters.

France | André & Dominique Ackermann



When I came to Hanbridge Mandarin, I knew there are many types of Chinese characters but had no system to retain knowledge. With my teacher's help, I've learned to remember characters and more importantly, learned to learn to remember.

France | Caroline Burland