Kids' Chinese Course

Availability: Children under 12

Our Chinese course for kids is designed for children from 3 to 9 years old. Our experienced teachers provide students with teaching in all four main areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our online kids Chinese course helps children learn Chinese via playing games, video and songs, and discussing fun topics. The courses are split into four different levels, ranging from beginner to advanced.


  • Utilizes many mediums for teaching
  • Teaching style is lively and interesting
  • Teachers are patient, loving and excited to teach your kids
  • Native speakers with excellent bilingual ability

This Chinese course is for kids who have never learned Chinese before and cannot read pinyin or Chinese characters.

What you learn

We focus on training your listening and speaking at this level although we introduce Pinyin and basic strokes of Chinese characters gradually. At the end stage of this level, you should be able to speak some simple words and short sentences on basic daily topics.

This course is designed for kids who can already answer very simple questions related to daily topics.

What do you learn

Kids will learn basic daily vocabulary, short sentences and simple Chinese characters. At the end stage of this level, you should be able to understand some simple questions and answer accordingly using some simple words on basic daily topics.

This course is designed to teach kids asking and answering questions with long sentences.

What do you learn

Children will recognize the most basic strokes of Chinese characters and also practice to build up their vocabularies. At the end stage of this level, you should know how to write Pinyin and simple Chinese characters. In addition, you should be able to ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics with short sentences.

This course is for kids who can use Chinese accurately on a wide range of daily topics.

What kids will learn

Children will learn more topics and more Chinese vocabulary, phrases, expressions, and sentences. At the final stage of the advanced level, learners should be able to read and write a significant number Chinese characters and read simple short stories. In addition, they should be able to ask and answer questions using some long sentences and tell short stories.

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Sylvain Serrano


My child is 5 years old, and learnt Mandarin in Hanbridge Mandarin for half one year. She didn't know any Chinese language at first, now she can speak fruit and color in Chinese, sometime she sang Chinese songs to me, I'm so happy to see her progress.

America | Jennifer Smith



My child is 11 years old. He didn't like to learn Mandarin before because he thought Chinese pronunciation is very hard. Now he learns Chinese Phonetics course and general Chinese course in Hanbridge Mandarin for 3 months, he is more and more love Mandarin. He said class content is very interesting. I think Hanbridge Mandarin teachers are very professional and they can catch kids' attention.

France | Halima ALNET