Chinese Phonetics

Availability: All Chinese learners

This program is designed for those already grounded in spoken Chinese but who want to concentrate on improving accuracy in their use of Mandarin's system of tones. Through a series of lively practice sessions, you will:

  • Improve your listening skills to discern each individual tone
  • Practice words, phrases, and sentences
  • Be able to form fluent sentences with the tones to sound like a native speaker


Systematic teaching method
Complete learning plan
Intensive training

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The Chinese Phonetics Course at Hanbridge Mandarin is very interesting. Before the class, I thought Chinese phonetics were pretty difficult, but now I have the skills to navigate Chinese and my language skills are much improved.

Israel | Seffi Golan



I took the Chinese Phonetics Course at Hanbridge Mandarin. During the class, I studied pronunciation with excellent teachers and made huge improvements.

France | Sylvain JOUVE