HSK Test Preparation

Availability: Chinese learners who want to pass HSK

The HSK is a standardized Chinese proficiency test recognized by governments and corporations worldwide as a standard gauge of an individual's Chinese language proficiency level. If you're planning to take the HSK, this class is for you.


The most current and authoritative test prep content
Experienced teaching staff
Structured Curriculum
High pass rate

Intensive classes enhance your learning experience and equip you with the necessary skills for the test. We provide scientific and effective tutorials and training for you to score your best.


(Level I)

The HSK Level I test, which lasts 40 minutes, focuses on listening and reading comprehension. Hanbridge Mandarin's training for this test is for those at the beginning stages of learning Mandarin. Learners will be introduced to 150 words along with simple phrases to meet basic needs for communication.


(Level II)

Focusing on listening and reading comprehension, the 55-minute HSK Level II test is intended for those who can read Chinese pinyin and understand a variety of simple phrases. At Hanbridge Mandarin, instruction will provide learners with a grasp of basic communicate about routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information. Learners will be introduced to some common topics in daily life and learn up to 300 words, as well as basic grammar.


(Level III)

The 90-minute HSK Level III exam adds writing to the test scenario which is targeted to those who can answer simple questions with short sentences on familiar topics. To prepare for it, learners at Hanbridge Mandarin will be introduced to intermediate-level communication for personal and professional life, as well as travel, and learn up to 600 words. Students will continue to build on their understanding of Chinese grammar and be able to write simple sentences in pinyin with sample vocabulary.


(Level IV)

At 105 minutes, the HSK Level IV test is intended for those who can easily communicate in Mandarin across all aspects of their daily lives. Learners will be introduced to many social and informal situations and learn up to 1200 words and some basic grammar points for listening, speaking and writing. Students should be able to converse easily with native Chinese speakers at this level.


(Level V)

The HSK Level V test lasts for 125 minutes and is for those with the ability to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers. The Hanbridge Mandarin test preparation training will introduce learners to 2500 new words. In addition, students will be introduced to reading Chinese newspapers and magazines. Combined with further grammar instruction, the training prepares students to make a formal speech in Chinese.


(Level VI)

This test takes 140 minutes and is focused on those who can read Chinese newspapers and magazines. Learners in the test preparation course will gain a deeper insight into Chinese culture and traditional customs and learn up to 5000 words and grammar points. Approaching language mastery at this level, students will be able to easily comprehend written Chinese and spoken information and be able to effectively express themselves in Chinese, both orally and on paper.

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I learn HSK 3 Test Preparation Course for three months in Hanbridge Mandarin School in Shenzhen China, now I passed the HSK3, I'm so happy and thank you my teacher.

America | Valerie de Charette



I learn Hanbridge Mandarin immersion course for one month, and passed HSK5, I'm really surprised for my progress. In such a short time, I couldn't believe that I passed HSK 5.

Japan | Takada Yoshihiko