listening course

Chinese Listening

Availability: All Chinese learners

This course is suitable for students of all levels. In it our teachers will take each student step-by-step from words, to phrases, to sentences and then, finally, to dialogue. Students don't have to worry about having to speak Mandarin quickly, as initially, they will focus on quickly grasping listening skills. Whether the student needs to pass a mandarin exam or simply needs to communicate with Chinese people, they will be able accurately grasp the meaning of what is being said when they hear Mandarin Chinese.

  • Adapt to the Chinese normal speech
  • Barrier-free communication with Chinese people
  • Understand the logic of Chinese people
  • Understand the news and radio


  • Rich teaching resources
  • Interesting topics
  • Full transcripts, vocabulary lists and exercises
  • Intensive training
  • Professional teachers

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My teacher has given me some great tips to improve my listening comprehension and I’m excited to report that my level of listening is really improving.

France | Laurence et CA LAGUNEGRAND



My Chinese colleagues all praise my improved Chinese ability. I’m really grateful to the teachers of Hanbridge Mandarin.

Australia | Fiona Tisdall Blake