speaking course

Chinese Speaking

Availability: All Chinese learners

This course is suitable for students of all levels. We use standardized and proven teaching methods which are customized according to each student’s Chinese language level, no matter how basic or advanced. We will make different learning plans and use a variety of teaching resources with the goal of allowing our students to feel relaxed in class so their learning experience will be enjoyable and fun. This will help students improve their spoken Chinese more quickly and effectively.

  • Standard pronunciation of Mandarin
  • Dialogue practice orientated by the students
  • Hot topic close to the life


Classification Teaching
Structured and diverse teaching methods to keep learning fun!
Innovative teaching method

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I can study on-line or off-line, so if I am on business trip or away from home, I don’t have to miss a class. That’s a great benefit.

USA | Aaron Catlin



I really like the topics studied in class as they are very practical and deal with modern situations. During the class, my teacher does a great job of correcting my pronunciation and mistakes. I’m learning so fast!

France | Thierry Duroy