History literature

Chinese History and Literature

Availability: Chinese learners who have interest in traditional Chinese culture

A civilization that has thrived for some 5,000 years understandably has created fertile ground for prose and poetry. In this section, you will learn about the major dynasties throughout China's history, their important literature, as well as influences in 20th and 21st century Chinese literature. The module includes:

  • Mythology and stories
  • Famous poets and authors
  • Poems
  • Dramas
  • Novels


Discover the developing process of the Chinese nation five thousand years history
Read the best Chinese classical literature

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This class gave me a great introduction to Chinese history and culture. Understanding the past allows me to prepare for the future.

France | Ladimelaxi


I first began learning a few Chinese words and sometimes was confused why some were used in certain places. Learning more about history and literature gives me the framework to understand not just the what, but the why.

Russia | Giorgio Pelosi