painting course

Chinese Painting

Availability: Chinese learners who have interest in traditional Chinese culture

Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuing artistic traditions in the world. Both exquisite and straightforward, Chinese paintings present a simple beauty that can be mystifying. Like calligraphy, this art form also emphasizes motion, communicated in each stroke of color. In this section, you will get the chance to create a painting and also learn about:

  • Different styles of paintings through the dynasties
  • Famous artists and their contributions
  • How the dynamics of motion become evident on paper


Oriental aesthetics of Chinese traditional painting
Draw up wonderful things in the world by Chinese brush and ink

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I love painting of all types and learning to paint in a traditional Chinese style was a special treat. Thanks for the opportunity Hanbridge Mandarin!

America | Bertrand Cheng


I’m not sure my paintings reflect it, but I think Chinese painting is beautiful. I’m excited to keep practicing.

America | Alex