Food and culture

Chinese Culinary Arts

Availability: Chinese learners who have interest in traditional Chinese culture

Chinese people take great pride in their cuisine because China boasts a seemingly infinite variety of dishes and distinct regional cooking styles. Though "Chinese" food is enjoyed worldwide, it often isn't authentic. Take this unique opportunity to learn about:

  • Famous Chinese dishes and their histories
  • Regional specific cuisines
  • Purchasing and preparing ingredients for cooking
  • How to prepare simple, yet elegant dishes to delight your friends and family


Introduction to all kinds of Chinese Cuisine
Discovery the Chinese culture behind the Chinese food culture

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I loved cooking since I was a child. When I met Chinese cuisine, I fell in love with it, but had no idea how to prepare any of the dishes I enjoyed. Mapo doufu is my favorite dish and also very easy to cook. In this program, I’ve learned all kinds of delicious tips and tricks.

America | Debra Smith


In Canada, if I wanted to eat “Chinese” food, I had to go to a restaurant. However, after coming to China and eating authentic Chinese food, I decided to learn authentic methods preparing Chinese cuisine.

Canada | Kusum Rani