Living and Fengshui

Availability: Chinese learners who have interest in traditional Chinese culture

An ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China, Feng shui is a complex body of knowledge that seeks to balance the elements of your daily life. In this section, you will learn about basic principals and simple applications of Feng shui. The course covers:

  • Key principals
  • Applications of Feng shui for living, health and other important issues
  • Analysis of personal characters and relationship with surrounding
  • How to balance your energy in life


Best class for the Chinese customs
Get to know the Chinese favors and taboos

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This course was really interesting and gave me lots of food for thought. It’s probably time to rearrange the furniture in my house!

Singapore | Tan Siao Min


I’m very interested in Eastern medicine and thought and this course provided a great starting point for my first foray into deeper knowledge of the need for balance.

America | Jgoya