folk custom

Philosophy and Folk Customs

Availability: Chinese learners who have interest in traditional Chinese culture

Want to know what type of gift is appropriate for a visit to your Chinese client or friend? Do you need a deeper understanding of Chinese culture to facilitate business or personal growth? If you answered yes, then this section of our culture course is for you. For instance, giving a clock is bad luck, but not a watch! You will learn about superstitions and taboos, but also the foundation of Chinese philosophy and worldview. In addition students will explore:

  • Ancient philosophers
  • Marriage and funeral rites
  • Chinese costumes
  • Traditional rites and festivals
  • How to dress for special traditional occasions


Get to know some rich and colorful Chinese traditional festivals
Have better understanding about the Chinese people characteristics from the traditional festivals

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Many of my clients are Chinese and I’ve always wanted to understand more about their belief structure to avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes. This class was just what I needed.

Germany | Dora


I have been in china for almost three years but haven’t been able to gain a great deal of knowledge about the deep aspects of culture here. This class brought my understanding to a new level.

Hongkong | Napa Sekiew