Traditional Art

Traditional Art

Availability: Chinese learners who have interest in traditional Chinese culture

Chinese art forms have been handed down century after century with painstaking attention to tradition and exacting detail. Focusing mainly on the natural world and depictions of daily life, Chinese art is a beautiful representation of culture. Chinese art, whether ceramics, painting or music, is rendered in a style that lends an air of the mysterious, the magnificent and the intriguing. This course will enhance your understanding of the major Chinese art forms, their history and more popular forms in contemporary art. Take an opportunity to learn about:

  • Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments
  • Chinese opera
  • Traditional art forms, handicrafts and games


Fantastic traditional art more than Peking Opera
Experience the infinite charm of the Chinese Culture by yourself

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Traditional Chinese culture amazes me. I have already learned Chinese painting and calligraphy in my university. However, I wanted to learn some other traditional arts, like Kongfu, Tai chi and paper-cutting. My teacher has been teaching me these ancient arts and we’re both enjoying our time together.

UK | Triller Marko


I’m interested in Chinese traditional costumes, especially the embroidery on dresses - they are so beautiful and gorgeous! This class allows me to connect traditional costumes with the historical or dynastic period in China’s history giving me a more holistic view of this wonderful country.

America | Anthony DeGennaro