Medicine health

Traditional Chinese Medicine and health

Availability: Chinese learners who have interest in traditional Chinese culture

Are you curious about Chinese herbal medicines, Tai-Chi, or acupuncture? This section will provide you with basic knowledge of Chinese traditional medicines and a greater understanding of:

  • Basic theories of Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese herbal and food therapy
  • Acupuncture and massage
  • Tai-Chi Practice (optional, extra 12 hours)


Get to know the most natural physical therapy---Traditional Chinese medicine
How to keep in good health in Chinese style

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I’ve always been open to using Chinese medicine and this course gave me the confidence to seek alternative treatment here in the Middle Kingdom.

Italy | Jeffrey Rowallan


After a Chinese massage relieved my migraine a few months ago, I’ve been really interested in learning more about the benefits and types of Chinese medicine. This class was a great start.

America | Dylan