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    A Typical Day of Chinese Immersion Course

    The immersion program at Hanbridge Mandarin is designed to accelerate the learning curve with lessons that are dynamic as well as fun. With emphasis on practical, real world language usage you will learn in just two weeks what takes months in other programs.
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    All Chinese learners

    The Hanbridge Mandarin Chinese immersion program is specially designed to accelerate the language learning process and utilizes diverse techniques and procedures to give our students the best chance to learn. True immersion is not limited to language, but includes cultural immersion as well. The Hanbridge Mandarin immersion course is built on an ever-changing set of activities and real-world experiences. We can't guarantee exactly what you'll do on a typical day, but we can guarantee that you will greatly improve your Mandarin and you won't be bored!

    Immersion allows students to completely focus on Chinese. During an immersion course, our students speak Chinese, listen to Chinese, eat Chinese, drink Chinese and hopefully, begin to think Chinese. This holistic engagement of the mind allows a participant to make big language strides in a relatively short amount of time. A typical day of our immersion program includes several alternating sessions of Chinese grammar, pronunciation practice, reading drills, Hanzi recognition and other traditional language learning exercises.

    However, to achieve true immersion, we attempt to engage all the senses. Other activities are likely to include making and drinking Chinese tea, ordering and eat traditional Chinese food, and could include a field trip or cultural activity utilize newly learned vocabulary in real-world conversation practice. Based upon our students' preference, past activities have included a trip to a Chinese foot masseuse, group karaoke night, Chinese chess competition, calligraphy practice or one of many other cultural experiences.

    If you’re serious about improving your Mandarin in a short amount of time, the Handbridge Chinese immersion program is an excellent way to make it happen. If you’re ready to get your feet wet, give us a call and we’ll help you dive into Chinese.

    A "Typical" Day
    Warmer / ice-breaker
    Develop the students language skills and help them use Chinese correctly and coherently.
    Q&A and reflection on the morning classes
    Students will focus on reading and learning new vocabulary.
    short break
    Activate their new skills and learn how to use them in a variety of real-life circumstances, through fun games, quizzes, role-plays’ and creative exercise.
    Outwarbounds activity trip to a location in Shenzhen where language can be used

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