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    Amazing Shenzhen

    The immersion program at Hanbridge Mandarin is designed to accelerate the learning curve with lessons that are dynamic as well as fun. With emphasis on practical, real world language usage you will learn in just two weeks what takes months in other programs.
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    Amazing Shenzhen

    Hanbridge Mandarin offers immersion instruction ranging from beginner to advanced. After assessing your Chinese language level, we tailor a course for your needs. Students may select a schedule that runs five, ten or twenty days. In addition, students may choose fixed group lessons or one-on-one custom lessons. For the most up to date course schedule, please contact our center:
    Evening and weekend activities can also be arranged upon request. Examples of activities include trips to other cities in China, attending a Kung Fu demonstration or Chinese movies, viewing a Chinese calligraphy artist at work, and many more. Exploring the culture gives students a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the language.
    • Attractions

      Chinese people enjoy the outdoors, and the surrounding hills provide walking paths for mountain climbing. The city also offers free admission to a number of public parks including the Lianhuashan (Lotus Mountain) Park, Lizhi Park, Zhongshan Park and Wutongshan Park.

    • Entertainment

      A lively city, Shenzhen is a paradise for entertainment, recreation, and relaxation. Golf courses, spas, theaters, sports and concert arenas, nightclubs, Imax cinemas, swimming pools and many other options provide a range of activities for all ages and interests.

    • Eating And Drinking

      Reflecting its diverse population, eating in Shenzhen offers a melting pot of the various cuisines of China. Diners can pick from more than 10,000 restaurants in which to enjoy their favorite dishes. Seafood is especially good in Shenzhen with some of the best seafood restaurants located together in the seaside Yantian district.

    • Shopping

      Shenzhen is a shopper's paradise. The range varies from bargain areas like Dongmen Market all the way to Gucci, Prada and the like. Shenzhen is home to world class malls - all great places to catch a movie, buy clothes or have dinner.

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