industry course

Industry-Specific Courses

Availability: All Chinese learners

Industry-Specific Courses aimed at business men who work in China or need to speak mandarin in specific industries. The purpose is to solve Chinese language problems that will be met by foreign businessmen in the workplace – with an emphasis on a number of technical and professional fields. This course will be custom designed according to the student’s technical or professional specialty and their living environment so as to help the student communicate with their Chinese colleagues, superiors and customers with greater fluency. Industry-Specific Courses will refer to many fields, such as finance, IT, international trade, Medicine and so on.

  • Learn professional vocabulary for different industries.
  • Communicate with Chinese colleagues and superiors in Mandarin
  • Write Chinese emails
  • Host meeting and make a professional speeches
  • Adapt to the working environment in China


Individually tailored Course
Highly professional
Infinitely customizable: whatever your industry or market, we can design a learning package for you!

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I am an IT engineer, and was able to learn a lot of technical terms at Hanbridge Mandarin – words that are very useful in my work.

England | Jonathan WHITEHEAD



I am a kindergarten teacher with many Chinese students in my class. I came to Hanbridge Mandarin to learn how to communicate with these students and I can say “mission accomplished.”

France | Emilie SEGURA-VERDIER