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PEP (Point Exchange Program) for overseas students

American President Barrack Obama said, “If our countries are going to do more together around the world, then speaking each other’s language, truly understanding each other, is a good place to start.” He advocates for one million American students to study Mandarin. What’s more, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had a conversation with Chinese President Xi entirely in Mandarin during the president’s recent visit with business and technology leaders in Seattle.

More and more international students are choosing to learn Mandarin online or go to China. They can’t wait to discover a new culture and a new home abroad. How about you? Are you ready to start your Chinese learning journey?

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, Hanbridge Mandarin is introducing PEP! for overseas students that provides the opportunity for free Mandarin learning. “PEP” stands for our new points exchange program. Overseas participants can earn points through our related promotional activities to exchange for free online Mandarin classes.

Here is How PEP Works


Welcome all overseas students join us

If you are student and want to learn Chinese language freely, welcome join our Hanbridge Mandarin Point Exchange Program (PEP), we provide the opportunity for free Mandarin learning.

Earn points

Earn points by posting on a social network platform. Your original, creative post will get you the highest points. Here is how it works:

Original Article

If you post one original article of more than 500 words on any social networking site or platform and recommend Hanbridge Mandarin, then you will earn 50 points.


If you make a minimum three-minute video and use the key words, "Hanbridge Mandarin" and "Mandarin learning," and if we “like” or use your video on our own site, then you will earn 50 points.

Chinese Language-level Test

If you try the Hanbridge Mandarin' Chinese language-level test and one free trial lesson, then write a test feedback report, and if the report is more than 400 words, then you will earn 40 points.

Test Now


If you fill in our questionnaire, you will get 20 points.

Answer Now

Free Group Class

If you successfully invite three friends to register and pay for a group class, you will get the same group classes for free.

Follow Hanbridge Mandarin’s Facebook Page

If you follow Hanbridge Mandarin’s Facebook page, you will get 5 points. If you invite friends to follow our page, you will get 2 points.

Invite a Friend

Invite a friend to try our Chinese language-level test and you will get 2 points. If your friend takes our free trial lesson, then you will get 5 points.

The Article that You Posted

If the article that you posted (see number 1, above) gets replies by others, you will earnt 2 points. If others ”like” the article, then you earn 2 points, and if others forward the article, you get 2 points.

How to exchange points

Your accumulated 50 points exchange to one online, semi-private class, and 80 points exchanges for one online private class. Rules will not change between now and the expiration. the final explanation right owned by Hanbridge Mandarin.

Duration of PEP

PEP expires on December 30, 2016.

Feel free to ask us anything. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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