2015 International Chess Tournament Grows Understanding and Friendship
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The 4th Annual Shenzhen International Chess Open Tournament was held on December 6, 2015 at Center City Park in Shenzhen’s Book City. The free tournament attracted more than 100 players, including some of the best chess players in the city.

Organized by Hanbridge Mandarin Language School in conjunction with the Shenzhen Chess Academy, the event was attended by Liu Shilan, the first Asian Female female Chess Grandmaster and head of the Shenzhen Chess Academy.


经过六轮激烈的比赛,来自法国的Nicolas Liagre获得最后的总冠军,决出成人组前八名和少儿组前三名。Nicolas Liagre和Cyril P.Anicete分别获得亚军和季军。

After winning all six rounds in the amateur contest, Nicolas Liagre from France was named Champion of the tournament. The tournament also made awards to the top eight adult men, the top eight adult women and the top three youth competitors. Cyril P.Anicete and James Lebreton won runner-up and third place, respectively.


Hanbridge Mandarin thanks its many generous sponsors for supporting the event.Special thanks go out to Apartment One, Inheritance Dental, Starbucks, Sam's club, Light Tea, Easylink, and Helloago for providing raffle sprizes.that will take place at the end of the day.



Hanbridge Mandarin is planning more “connection events” in the near future.So, keep your eyes open for more opportunities to connect with us and make new friends in the near future. What type of event would be most interesting to you. Let us know. We’d love to hear your suggestions.