Ain’t No Party Like a Zongzi Party!
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The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most exciting and action-packed of all the Chinese holidays. To celebrate this year’s festival in style, Hanbridge held a Dragon Boat Party in Taishan last week.


At Hanbridge Mandarin, we’re passionate about sharing all the aspects of Chinese culture with our students – not just learn Chinese Mandarin language.

This party was just the latest in a series of ongoing events we hold to help our students get first hand experience with traditional Chinese culture and food.


The most popular activity at the party was making zongzi.  Zongzi are savory rice dumplings wrapped in lotus leaves that are an important and traditional part of celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival properly. Click here to learn more about the origins and importance of eating zongzi to mark this festival.

Several Hanbridge Mandarin teachers demonstrated the zongzi wrapping technique and then everybody got a chance to try to wrap (and eat!) the delicious zongzi.

zongzi jie

We are passionate about helping people come to a better understanding of Chinese language and culture and would love to join you on your road to fluency.