Hanbridge Potluck
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Christmas is just around the corner, maybe some of you can’t go back to your home country to celebrate Christmas due to many reasons. Don’t worry! Hanbridge Mandarin will offer you a potluck party to meet some new friends and celebrate together.

Hanbridge Potluck

What Time: 4 pm – 10 pm, Dec. 20th. 2014

Where: Depends & we will notice you when sign up ends.

How Much: Free

What For:

Create Chinese and foreign cultural exchange environment, and help you make more local friends and celebrate the pre-Christmas party.

What’s Potluck:

A potluck is a meal that consists of food brought by the people who come to the meal, or a meal that consists of whatever food happens to be available without special preparation.

What We Offer:

We will offer a great place to hold this party and offer soft drinks and kitchen wares. And there will be 1-2 Hanbridge Mandarin's teachers to introduce the Chinese Food Culture and translate for you.

What You Need to Do:

Bring the food or materials for your dish. (Some special kitchen wares for your cook)

How to Celebrate:

①2 or 3 people show the live demonstration of cooking skill;


②Everyone introduce their own food and soft drinks, then share the food and have a dinner together;

③Finished the dinner, there will be an exciting treasure hunt.

3) Form of participation:

①Hanbridge Mandarin will provide a covered court, basic kitchen wares and presenter;

②Participator need to bring one national dishes and if your country has special drinks, you also can bring and let us taste.

③If you are interested in demonstrating your cooking skill, please don’t shy and tell me, I will arrange the time and place for you. Please remember bring all items you need, if you need to use special kitchen ware, please bright together.

Deadline for registration: Dec.17th.2014


Tel: 4006002202