Happy Potluck Party——欢乐聚餐
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In order to celebrate Christmas Day, Hanbridge Mandarin held a potluck party with many Shenzhen local friends at Hanbridge school on Saturday, December 20th.


christmas potluck party

There are four friends showed their live demonstration of cooking skills, their national dishes are Paola’s Italy Pizza, Chang’s Chinese sweet and sour spare ribs and Ali and Wasin’s Thailand meat pie with Thai Sweet & Chilli Sauce. After the dinner, we played an exciting treasure hunt and everyone got a Christmas gift.


Paola’s cooking

At last, thanks all which Paola’s family did, she and her family directly move Italian kitchen at our party. It’s so amazing! Thanks Arend and his wife’s kirsch, it’s so delicious! Thanks Chang and Canna’s help. Thanks Ali and Wasin’s song “little apple” during the game loop, it’s really very funny!

最后,非常感谢Paola一家人,她们把意大利厨房直接搬到的我们聚会上,真是太神奇了! 感谢Arend和他的老婆带来的樱桃酒,非常美味,感谢畅和Canna的帮助,还有游戏环节Ali 和Wasin唱的“小苹果”,非常有趣。

play christmas games

This potluck party created Chinese and foreign food cultural exchange platform, Shenzhen local foreign friends have deepened the understanding of Chinese cooking and everyone played happy together. If you are interested in join us, or want to learn Chinese in Shenzhen, please contact Hanbridge, we also have Chinese cooking class in Hanbridge school, we are looking forward your coming!


happy christmas party