Making Use of Network Resources to Learn Chinese
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There are a lot of advantages of network teaching and learning, and the most unique one is its advantage in space. Network could break the classroom space limitations, making class extends to the social world. Network teaching makes the network as the medium of indirect communication between teachers and students. Online learning can combine the communication between in-class and after-class. How to make good use of free network resources to learn Chinese language online?

online chinese learning

Make full use of audio and video resources. There are rich audio and video resources on the network, which are valuable for students to learn in their free time. Students can search the audio and video resources related to what they have learned in the classroom. And such multimedia learning style can arouse the student’s interest and enthusiasm to learn Chinese. Sometimes, watching some movies in Mandarin can help students practice their Mandarin pronunciation.

Make full use of news and essays on the network. The resource of essay is useful for Chinese learning. Network is the ideal place to absorb these news and essays. Today, more and more students are active on Weibo, a Sina micro-blog, where kinds of newest information is released. It is a good tool for students to collect materials for their writing or speech. Making good use of such information resource is helpful for students to learn Chinese.

Make full use of literary forum or literary website. There are lots of good articles and posts on the literary website. Students can read them online and learn the writing skills from these good articles. And many students post their own articles on some literary forums, which is a good way to improve their writing ability. Writing a good essay is a step by step process for students to learn Chinese, and network is a good bridge for they to read more and write more.

There are also many communication tools such as QQ and E - mail, which are beneficial for a better and timely communication between teachers and students. In modern society, network has changed our learning styles, we should try to effectively make network as an useful resource to learn Mandarin online. Make network better serve our learning and life.