Red Envelope Promotion
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Red Envelope Promotion

Valid until Feb 28th.,2015

We're excited to formally announce that our virtual classroom is now ready for you. Our online learning option offers the same great classroom experience and excellent teaching staff - just with the added benefit of taking class from anywhere in the world!

To celebrate the coming Year of the Sheep and the opening of our new virtual classroom, Hanbridge Mandarin has a hong bao just for you.
Any Online Course Enrollment for One Year, Get Two Months Same Course for FREE!

If you want to take the best advantage of the whole year

To ensure you're ready for the Spring Festival, here are a few ways to offer your best wishes to friends and family:
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chūn jié kuài lè
  春   节  快   乐!
Happy Chinese New Year!

gōng xǐ  fā cái hóng bāo ná lái
  恭   喜 发  财   红    包   拿 来!
I wish you prosperity, please give me a red envelope! (kind of like "Trick or Treat" – this is typically said by children to elders )

yáng nián dà  jí wàn shì rú yì
  羊     年   大 吉 万   事  如 意!
Best wishes and good luck in the Year of the Sheep.