What Makes Hanbridge Mandarin's Courses So Great?
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Hanbridge Mandarin was founded in Shenzhen in 2005 and has quickly grown into a premier language education provider. For more than 10 years, we've been providing top quality language Chinese language courses for individuals and companies, with more than 20,000 graduates in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Chengdu.

What makes Hanbridge Mandarin different?

One of the highlights of our training program is that we take learning outside the classroom into the real world to give our students simultaneous language study and cultural experience. These activities give our students invaluable experience and speed up learning exponentially.

Real Life Chinese

Fernanda, one of our recent immersion students was able to hail and direct a taxi to her intended destination as well as bargain and buy fruit in a local market.

André, a former Hanbridge student now living in Beijing, returned to Shenzhen and spent some time learning about Chinese tea culture.

Using a mix of multi-media, role playing, games, and real world activities, Hanbridge provides a program geared to swiftly cultivate confidence and fluency.

At Hanbridge, we'd love for you to be the next person we help on a journey to learn Mandarin in China fluency.