AP Chinese Language and Culture Study Guide
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ap chinese language and culture study guide

AP Chinese language and culture course and exam include listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students should well master both spoken and written Chinese at a sophisticated level. So AP Chinese is not that easy, students should improve their Chinese level in all aspects.

There are two parts of listening included in AP Chinese language and culture exam. The first part, listen to the beginning of a conversation and select the appropriate continuation of the conversation. For example,
A: 你是从哪个城市来的?
B: 我是从旧金山来的,你呢?
1.    什么?你没去过旧金山?
2.    我哪儿不想去
3.    我可不想去那儿
4.    我也是从那儿来的
To understand what they are discussing, select the appropriate reply to it. The right answer should be no.4
A:Where are you from?
B: I am from San Francisco. How about you?
A: So am I
The second part, listen to a conversation or instruction or report and then answer some questions based on the content. There will be more than one question after a relatively long conversation or report etc. It requests a higher listening comprehension level.

Answer the questions after reading a story or email or article etc.

Writing also includes two parts.
First, write a narration base on a serious of picture prompts. There will be some pictures. Write a story to conclude the meaning of that.
Second part, Reply an email according to the mail you received.

It has two parts.
Conversation, there will be six conversations which students should respond to the conversation with appropriate manner. For example,
1.    你最喜欢的文学作品是什么?谁写的?
2.    作品主要谈论了什么问题?
3.    书中给你印象最深刻的部分是什么?
4.    你想当文学家吗?
5.    哪一位文学家对你的成长最有影响?
6.    你学了美国历史,也学了世界历史,你最喜欢哪位历史人物?
Students should answer the questions accordingly with accurate Chinese expression.

Cultural presentation, students should make an oral presentation to describe and explain the significance of Chinese cultural practice or product.

China is a country with rich culture and history while Chinese culture makes up a large part of AP Chinese language and culture exam. You may find a native Chinese teacher to systematically teach you grammar, Chinese culture and language which are in need.

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