4 Benefits of Learning Mandarin Chinese
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While learning Chinese have become hugely popular around the world, more and more people are trying to learn Chinese, and many celebrities also learn to say a few words of Chinese, seem to learn Chinese is a very fashionable thing, but learning Chinese is not an easy thing, I think only strong motivation and sufficient interest can prompt you to overcome many difficulties and successfully acquire Chinese language.

Why do so many people choose to study the Chinese language? Because learned Chinese, you can get a lot of really good benefit, now I will list the benefits of learning Chinese one by one.

Benefit 1: Learning Chinese, be helpful for your business

The benefit draws people here and runs them there. The biggest motivation to learn Chinese is doing business with Chinese people. China's economy has been developing in the growth, huge population and consumption potential, in the process of doing business with Chinese, if can use Chinese Mandarin communicate with Chinese people, all the technical details, the problems of hard to use English to communicate clearly will be readily solved, learning Chinese will also help you quickly understand China's national conditions, the Chinese consumer psychology, industry competition situation in China, the Chinese business etiquette, etc. Talk to the important Chinese business partners, if you can communicate in Chinese, everyone will regard you with special respect or new views to you with praise. In China, if you can climb to the good leaders, win their trust, then you will make rapid advances in your career. So if you are a foreigner, you can use Chinese fluently talk to the Chinese leader, you will win their trust and praise. It is good for your career development, so business man is a big part of people who learn Chinese.

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Benefit 2: Learning Chinese, let children win at the starting line

In November 2009, President Barack Obama announced the “100,000 Strong” initiative, help and motivate American students to study Chinese Mandarin in China.

More and more American schools and colleges open Chinese Mandarin class and more and more high school students choose the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam to earn credit for Chinese courses at the college level. The AP Chinese exam was first held in May 2007 and is used to assess a student’s proficiency in Chinese equivalent to completing a fourth-semester Chinese course in college. It seems so many schools in developed countries blow an upsurge of learning Chinese.

We also need to prepare our kids to navigate a global workplace in which knowledge of languages and cultures other than our own will provide a key competitive advantage for higher-paying jobs.

China will inevitably be a major economic, political, and cultural force in our children’s future. We should prepare our children to engage, collaborate, and compete with their Chinese peers.

Any diplomat or international business professional will attest to the tremendous advantage that speaking and respecting a counterpart’s language brings to any negotiation or partnership. Increasingly, that colleague across the table will be a native Chinese speaker.

By teaching Mandarin in U.S. public schools, we are making a wise investment in one of the many vital skills our children will need to compete for high-skill jobs and thrive in the interconnected 21st-century economy.

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Benefit 3: Learning Chinese, approach the Chinese five thousand years history and culture

Many people have a strange yearning towards to the east, especially interested in Chinese culture, because the Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, in thousands of years of ancient history, the Chinese nation with indomitable perseverance, enterprising spirit and the remarkable ingenuity, composed the magnificent scroll of history, created the very brilliant material and spiritual civilization in the same period history of the world. The Great Wall, the grand canal, the Ming and Qing dynasties imperial palace and colorful variety of unearthed cultural relics, which reflects the bold, superb production technology. At the same time in the field of ideology and culture, science and technology created numerous outstanding characters, create a very broad and profound performance; including the compass, papermaking, gunpowder and printing the "four great inventions", numerous scientific and technological achievements. Learning Chinese can make you more understanding of Chinese history and culture connotation.

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Benefit 4: Learning Chinese, looking for spiritual homeland

Chinese philosophy is a traditional Chinese thought of a discipline, originated in the spring and autumn period, it aims to study the origin of the world and the law of the ancient and modern historical evolution, formed unique national characteristics of nature, history, ethics, epistemology and methodology. Chinese cosmology, represented by the I ching and zhuang zi, ethical society, represented by Confucius say, buddhist is to preach karma, and all the flange idealism of truth and Confucianism auxiliary to each other. The formation of philosophy in Chinese five thousand years of history, has attracted the interest of many international friends, learning Chinese, can make you more profound understanding of China's traditional thought, is also looking for their spirit spiritual homeland.

Whether these benefits of learning Chinese have touched you or not? Whether let you heartbeat, also want to immediately learn this language? Chinese Mandarin is unique language in the world. The Chinese language itself is a kind of the evolution of history, has experienced five thousand years precipitation down, it is the crystallization of the wisdom of Chinese people, it is also an art in itself. I hope you can enjoy its beauty.

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