7 Tips to Improve Your Chinese Writing Skills
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Read the Chinese writing below and tell me how you think when you finish the reading.
大家好。我中文的名字是顾思。我二十年龄了。我工作在一所中学校,各个的目的。有时候一个替代老师, 平时当一个“学校后照顾”员。

Do you find it pleasant to read? If your answer is yes and you would also write a Chinese article like that, well, it means that your Chinese writing needs to improve! The writing above is a counter example, then how to improve your Chinese writing effectively? This article lists seven practical tips for all the Chinese learners, learn it now.

Tip 1: Expand Your Chinese Vocabulary

You can’t express yourself well if your vocabulary is limited. There is no accurate number to tell how many words the Chinese language has, and don’t ask me how many vocabularies should you learn, a good writer should expand vocabulary as much as possible. Except for vocabulary in the dictionary, you also need to learn the new buzzwords which could make your content fresh and interesting. If you have to write a large number of articles on the same topic, then increase the perfectly interchangeable words, like “美丽”, “漂亮”, “好看” are all can be used to describe the beauty.

Tip 2: Study Chinese Grammar Well

Only when you have acquired a good knowledge of Chinese grammar can you write correctly. Chinese grammar is hard and different from other languages that a lot of Chinese learners could make the mistake in the writing. Let’s get back to the sentence “我中文的名字是顾思。” in the counter example at the beginning of this article, follow Chinese grammar rules and the correct expression should be “我的中文名字是顾思”. Check out the Chinese grammar course to find out why and learn more.

Tip 3: Read Chinese Regularly

Reading is a great way to learn different styles of writing and e

xpand vocabulary. Don’t read very fast, make sure you really understand. Extract the good sentences and words during the reading are good habits.

Tip 4: Watch Movies with Chinese subtitles

Now, most Chinese movies have both Chinese subtitles and English subtitles, then watching movie become an interesting way to improve Chinese writing. In addition, a movie is a good way to get to know the life and manner of Chinese that can make your Chinese writing truthfulness.

Tip 5: Keep Writing Every day

There’s a Chinese saying 熟能生巧 means practice makes perfect. This one goes without saying, just write, write, write!

Tip 6: Check Your Chinese Writing

After finishing the writing, check one or two times by yourself to find out the easy overlook errors, then ask your teacher or Chinese friends to help if possible. Another good way to get your writing checked by others is to ask help on italki, a lot of Chinese teachers there are likely to help. It’s easy to make the same mistake, therefore, pay attention to the error and master the correct version, take notes if you’re not sure you won’t make mistakes again.

Tip 7: Try Not to Use Translator

Language Translator is a robot that it isn’t smart enough to translate the language fluently. It's okay to translate words, phrases, and common used short sentence, but for the long sentences and complex expressions, you have to write it manually to make it readable. Again, don’t rely on language translator!

Here are all the keys to improving your written Chinese! If you have better ideas, welcome to share with us in the comments section!

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