Top 5 Tips for Chinese Beginners
Posted by Jenie Cao on 2016-08-01 11:27:22 2113

learn Chinese for beginners

1. Keep learning Chinese as a hobby

“Interest is the best teacher,” so, foster an interest in learning Mandarin, like you would a hobby, and you will study with half the effort. Find some activities that you can take part in, such as singing Chinese songs, playing Chinese games, reading humorous texts -- all the while you are practicing conversation. Over time, as your interests grow, so will your motivation for learning the language.

2.Choose a suitable learning book

There are a variety of Chinese language-learning books, and it can be a challenge to decide which is best for you. Here is one that I particularly recommend.

Chinese learning books

An excellent choice for beginners, this series of three primary learning books include 30 topics for survival Chinese. The daily-life topics are well planned and include lots of exercises for learning pinyin along with basic characters.

3. Choose a good Chinese tutor:

A good book will set you on a path and a good teacher will be your best guide. Personal instruction is the best way to learn the challenging pronunciation and grammar rules of Mandarin. There really is no substitute for the support and instant feedback that a professional teacher can provide.

4. A good language environment

A good book, a good teacher and a good learning environment all add up to rapid learning. Such an environment includes a quiet place to study as well as making friends with Chinese people who will be supportive of your wish to learn their language – which means probably most anyone to whom you show a sincere desire to learn from and communicate with.

5.Learn more about China

Learning a new language shouldn’t be only for the sake of language learning. It should also include finding out about the country and its culture, and Chinese people’s lives and the way they think and deal with things. Of course you can learn these from the Internet and television, but think of how much more you can learn by asking your Chinese friends to help you practice. Don’t be shy!

Above are some tips for Chinese Beginners, hope it will be helpful for you! Still got questions? Contact us here! Good luck in your Mandarin learning!

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