5 Recommended Chinese Textbooks For Kids
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With the rapid growth of China's economy, China has become a big potential market all over the world and played an important role in the globle. It brings more and more foreigners to study Chinese. Believe near future Mandarin will become another popular language in this world .So how to choose a suitable textbook are very important to learner .There are 5 recommend books for kids to study Chinese, hope it will help you.

1. 愉快学汉语---yúkuàixuéhànyǔ

This series of textbooks is written by Yew Chung international school of Shanghai. It is suitable for primary and middle school students and is also suitable for advanced the concept of teaching Chinese as a foreign language teaching. This series of textbooks have five copies, each volume with a workbook. The emphasis of each book are different, but all of them balanced the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing. This textbook designed for non-native students to study Chinese language. It can be used as teaching material in school, also is the first choice for students' self-study.

The main features of each book: the first and second volume are focus on listening, speaking and to cultivate language sense. The third volume of continuity, can cause student's reading interest, develop a good reading habits.the forth and fifth books will focus to read, write, and master the reading skills, learn how to write. The kids can learn it in a very happy and relaxed mood. It is a good teaching material of learning Chinese.

2. 快乐学汉语---kuàilèxuéhànyǔ--Happy Chinese

It is published by Beijing Language and Culture University . This set of books are teaching Chinese as a whole.In the process of teaching pays attention to listen ,speak, read, and write. The unique of this book are adopted the "communicative approach", and combined the difference between Chinese and indo-European language. There are 20 lessons in this book, each class have text, words, notes, exercises, etc. It is focus to improve the students' ability of oral communication as the main goal.

3. 轻松学中文---qīnɡsōnɡxuézhōnɡwén--Easy steps to Chinese

This book also published by Beijing Language and Culture University. There are 8 books in total and has three different stages: book 1 and 2 are the stage 1,book 3,4,5,6 are the stage 2, book 7and 8 are the stage 3.the primary goal of this series books are to help the students establish a solid foundation of vocabulary, knowledge of Chinese and communication skills through natural and gradual integration of language, content and cultural elements.

4. 体验汉语---tǐyànhànyǔ--Experiencing Chinese

This is a very interesting books, the kids can find a lot of fun during study it .you will learn Chinese pronunciation character, word and sentence. You also can sing with the teacher and classmate, play games, and do handicrafts and so on. It is a very special teaching material.

5. 中文---zhōnɡwén--Mandarin Chinese language

This book was written for overseas Chinese and their kids in 1996 by college of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan university .this course materials consist of 48 books, including 12 text books, 24 exercise books, and 12 teacher's reference books. It is really popular with the overseas Chinese teachers, students and their parents and got a very high praise. For more details, please visit the websites from Jinan university.


The last, hope you will start a new wonderful learning journey with a suitable textbook.

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