Common Chinese Words for Kids
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Mandarin is the official Chinese language, spoken by 845 million people worldwide. It's the most widely spoken language on the planet and one of the hardest to speak. However, learning Mandarin can provide many benefits to your child's future career prospects and help them in growing a successful network.

China's economy is rapidly growing and has seen one of the largest growths year on year in the last two decades. Learning Mandarin then, is fast becoming a desirable, if not essential asset. If you want to raise your kid as a bilingual individual, don't panic! Here you'll find easy and fun ways to teach Mandarin for kids and introduce them to a foreign language. Check it out and send your little ones straight to the Orient Express!

If over a billion people could do it, your children will be able too. Say "ni hao" to these beautiful Chinese worksheets! Children will learn how to write Chinese characters for words like "water", "life", and "good". Learning Chinese calligraphy is not just good for building language awareness, it also helps your child practice fine motor skills, the ability to follow directions, and memory skills.

Any diplomat or international business professional will attest to the tremendous advantage that speaking and respecting a counterpart's language brings to any negotiation or partnership. Increasingly, that colleague across the table will be a native Chinese speaker. By teaching Mandarin in U.S. public schools, we are making a wise investment in one of the many vital skills our children will need to compete for high-skill jobs and thrive in the interconnected 21st-century economy. Hanbridge Mandarin's Chinese Course for kids is the fastest path to help your children get the daily Chinese and common phrases to quickly improve her or his Mandarin level. Now we will introduce some common Chinese words for kids, and help them to know some basic Chinese Mandarin.

Common Chinese words of relatives:

亲(qīn)戚(qi) relative 爷(yé)爷(yé) grandfather
奶(nǎi)奶(nai) grandmother 外(wài)公(gōng)( maternal ) grandfather
外(wài)婆(pó)( maternal ) grandmother 大(dà)伯(bó) father's elder brother
叔(shū)叔(shū) father's younger brother 姑(gū)姑(gū) father's sister
舅(jiù)舅(jiù) uncle 姨(yí)妈(mā) aunt
弟(dì)弟(dì) younger brother 哥(gē)哥(gē) elder brother
姐(jiě)姐(jiě) elder sister 妹(mèi)妹(mèi) younger sister

Common Chinese words of hobbies:

滑(huá)冰(bīng) ice-skating 滑(huá)雪(xuě) skiing
羽(yǔ)毛(máo)球(qiú) badminton 排(pái)球(qiú) volleyball
乒(pīng)乓(pāng)球(qiú) table tennis 钓(diào)鱼(yú) go fishing
踢(tī)足(zú)球(qiú) play football 跑(pǎo)步(bù) running
游(yóu)泳(yǒng) swimming 跳(tiào)舞(wǔ) dancing
画(huà)画(huà) drawing

Common Chinese words of Seasons:

common Chinese words for kids

春(chūn) spring 夏(xià) summer
秋(qiū)autumn 冬(dōng) winter
季(jì)节(jié) season 暖(nuǎn)和(huo) nice and warm
干(gān)燥(zào) dry 潮(cháo)湿(shī) moist
凉(liáng)快(kuài) cool 冰(bīng)雹(báo) hailstone
发(fā)大(dà)水(shuǐ) flood 龙(lóng)卷(juǎn)风(fēng) tornado
沙(shā)尘(chén)暴(bào) sand storm 雷(léi)雨(yǔ) thunderstorm
下(xià)雨(yǔ) rain 下(xià)雪(xuě) snow

At Hanbridge Mandarin, we'd love to help you improve your children's Chinese Mandarin level. Our kids' Chinese courses for are split into 4 different levels, ranging from Beginner to Advanced. If you want to try, please contact us to today to schedule a trial lesson.

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