Top 3 Tips To Help Your Child Learn Chinese
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learn chinese for kids

Language learning for children seems to be easier than it is for adults. However, keeping a child’s child's attention can be a challenge. Often children lose concentration, and how to control and handle the amount of time for the language class is very important. If your kids are going to learn Chinese, Here are some tips:

1. Limit the learning time

Limit class time

For children under the age of ten, it is better to limit learning time within half an hour. After age 10, the time of the class can be increased to 40 or 50 minutes. This requires a teacher who has the experience to control the classroom, knowing when children have the most concentrated attention, when they need to take a break, and when it is appropriate to use a game to teach. Teaching with games is an indispensable part of a child's course and sometimes can have twice the result with half the effort.

2. Variety of interesting learning content in class

The course content should be properly selected. Adult content tends to be based on professional and daily survival needs. Children need simple topics with lots of vivid pictures and pinyin. So choose suitable teaching materials to cultivate children's interest. Here are some good ways to recommend:

a. Watch Chinese Cartoons

Watch Chinese Cartoons

Almost every kid loves watching cartoons. Kid can enjoy the great story and at the same time learn Chinese with ease. It will help kids improve their listening and speaking ability a lot. Below are the good Chinese cartoons recommend to you:

xī yóu jì zhī dà shènɡ ɡuī lái
Monkey King: Hero Is Back

mài dōu ɡù shi
My Life as McDull

b. Read Chinese Fairy Tales

read Chinese fairy tale book

Actually, there are a lot of famous fairy tales in Chinese version. Usually, this kind of books are marked by pinyin, which makes reading much easier. Here are the recommended Chinese fairy tale books:

bái xuě ɡōnɡ zhǔ
Snow White

huī ɡū niɑnɡ

c. Play Chinese Games

Kids’ attention can be easily absent-minded. Play some games can make class more fun and relax. You can get some Chines games here recommendation here: Learn Chinese Through Games

3. Good Chinese Tutor

good Chinese tutors

Most important is to have a good teacher, someone with a lively personality and who can share in their childlike joy. If you hope to find such a teacher, then please click here for a free trial.

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