Bicycles & Beautiful Weather – A Winning Combination!
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绿色骑行 亲近自然

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Last weekend, Hanbridge Mandarin School employees and friends got together to enjoy a bike ride. The weather was great and we enjoyed a beautiful ride taking us from the mangrove forest in Coastal Park all the way to Shenzhen Bay Park.

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Living in a big city and spending a good deal of time behind a desk or looking at a computer can make one feel a bit cooped up. At Hanbridge Mandarin, we believe in the importance of a balanced life, so we attempt to spend regular time together relaxing and enjoying nature. Cycling is a great activity to enjoy as a group because it allows people of all abilities to participate.

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"Riding together builds relationships and a shared appreciation of nature and a healthy lifestyle. A healthy and balanced life is important to me and important to our team,” said Hanbridge Mandarin General Manager Mary Bao.


Do you want to join us? Join in Hanbridge Mandarin Chinese immersion programs, next time you will have the great activity with Hanbridge Mandarin together.