How to Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes a Day
Posted by Julia Song on 2015-11-26 15:26:29 2490

learn Chinese in 5 minutes

Learning Chinese will allow you to:

  1. To know more about Chinese culture or China.
  2. Gain friends in another culture
  3. Discover so much.
  4. Develop your mind.
  5. Have fun .

We can break up our learning into different topics like: "Greetings", "Introduction", "In a coffee shop/bakery", "ordering food", "Taking a taxi", "shopping" etc. Here I found many specific online Chinese courses.

For example :

1. Greetings---Wenhou问候 !

Nihao !---hello !
Zaoshanghao !---Good morning !
Zaijian !---See you !
Xiexie !---Thank you !
Bukeqi !---You are welcome !
Duibuqi !---I am sorry !
Meiguanxi !--- It doesn't matter !

2. Introduction---Jieshao 介绍!

Dajia Hao !---Hello everybody !
Wo shi Carrie !---I am Carrie !
Wo shi Zhongguoren !---I am Chinese !
Wo shi Hanyu laoshi !---I am Chinese teacher !
Ta ye shi Zhongguoren !---She/He is also Chinese !
Ta bu shi Hanyu laoshi !---She/He is not Chinese teacher !
Ni ne ?---and you ?
Ni shi zhongguoren ma ?---Are you Chinese ?

3. In a coffee shop/bakery---Zai kafei guan/Mianbaodian 咖啡馆/面包店

Xiansheng, nin yao shenme?
---Sir, May I help you ?

Wo yao yiping pijiu !
--- I want a bottle of beer !

Xiaojie, nin yao shenme?
---Miss, May I help you ?

Wo yao yibei kafei!
---I want a cup of coffee !

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